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A New Career for the New Year

A New Career for the New Year

over 5 years ago by Michael Carpenter


Finding the right job for you

  • It’s important to have realistic expectations of your goal and know exactly what you are looking for. Consider what you want out of this career change, is it job satisfaction, a higher salary or a change of scenery?

  • Review the core skills you possess and map out any potential job role that list those skills as a requirement. You can view our current job roles by clicking here.

  • Tailor your CV towards the career you want to pursue and do the same with your cover letter too. A CV and cover letter that relates to the company and job role will be more appealing to the employer.

  • Do your research and review each company that are advertising job roles that you’re interested in before you click Apply. The job may sound appealing, but the company and product is just as important.

  • If nothing is available right now then you can use our job alerts to receive new jobs that are tailored to your skills and requirements.